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DJ Hell for Halloween? Saturday 2nd November 2013 at Netil Warehouse
Tresor Halloween

The legendary Tresor model of uncompromising and inventive techno returns to London on November 2nd 2013. Earlier this year, Tresor's first excursion into the London scene saw Juan Atkins, DJ Deep and Dasha Rush rouse a packed and enthusiastic house of revellers with a taste of Berlin's inimitable sound. Tresor's second London outing goes deeper and darker into the vault, to showcase some of the most blood-quickening acts to appear on the Berlin scene.

No single entity did more to construct and preserve Berlin's iconic reputation as the capital of techno than Tresor. Established in that heady, decadent period after the fall of the wall and the reunification of Germany, the Tresor club has since 1991 been the place in Berlin to find the most powerful, undiluted expressions of the newest in electronic music. The dark, underground vaults of Tresor became the symbol of the new and strange directions that Berlin took after reunification and that have made it what it is today. Similarly, the catalogue of Tresor Records reads like a who's-who of innovators in dance music over the years – from Juan Atkins and Jeff Mills to Surgeon and Joey Beltram, Blake Baxter and Robert Hood to Sleeparchive and Marcelus – a release on Tresor Records reads like the ultimate stamp of approval for electronic artists since only the best, freshest and most exciting artists can hold their own in such lofty company.

Tresor's next London outing features four such artists who can certainly take their place in the Tresor family amongst the founders and innovators of the genre. DJ Hell arrives fresh of the back of the release of the new volume of the Kern mixed compilation series - an explosive, time-travelling blend of classic and contemporary House and Techno. A product of crate digging and vinyl culture, Kern Vol.2 celebrates the powerful and timeless music that has left a mark on Hell's career since the late '70s. Hell is a life-long Tresor resident and partner in crime and knows exactly what it takes to uphold the long and distinguished history of this techno institution. He is an obvious choice to carry this flame overseas and to spearhead Tresor's second London attack.

Joining him will be Sleeparchive. After the recent release of the first instalment of his 'A Man Dies On The Street' single series, Sleeparchive became one of the hottest properties in the underground techno scene. Something about his recorded material perfectly captures the sheer energy and ruthless power of Tresor's early days, while his obvious production skill and taste for minimalism propels this spirit firmly into the modern day and the brave new world of electronic music. Sleeparchive's appearance in London will coincide with the release of Part 2 of this series. With his obvious bent for experimentation within the boundaries of blueprint techno, Sleeparchive will subject London to one of his restless and relentless live shows.

Dario Zenker's multi-facetted career has seen him hit most of the high points of a life in techno – a prolific set of releases on Tresor, being label owner of the Ilian Tape imprint and the head buyer at Munich's notorious Optimal record store, as well as a profile of DJ appearances at the best and most influential events going around. This life lead in the pursuit of excellence in techno has given him an exquisitely formed taste for the best and most interesting offerings that this genre has to offer. He is the perfect man to give Londoners an authentic and memorable taste of what Berlin has to offer.

French master Marcelus, one of the newest talents to the Tresor roster, will also supply this special event with his unique take on techno. Based heavily on dramatic shifts in texture and rhythm, Marcelus always plays with an impeccable blend of soul and force - as he has proved many times in the vault, drawing big crowds and appreciative responses whenever he visits the home of techno.

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